Women Are Winning TikTok’s “Center Of Gravity Challenge”

There’s a new challenge on TikTok and it’s turning into a little battle of the sexes. The “Center of Gravity Challenge” sets out to show whether men or women have better balance and so far, the women appear to be killing it.

The challenge has TikTokers getting down on the floor on all fours, putting their elbows on the floor and resting their faces on their hands. Then they have to move their hands behind their backs as fast as they can without losing balance. And based on the videos, it’s not working out so well for the fellas.

The hashtag#centerofgravityhas more than 40-million views on TikTok, with dozens of videos showing people trying out the trend and the guys falling on their faces while the gals succeed. The occasional male manages to get his hands behind his back without falling, but they’re the exception. So do women have a different center of gravity than men? According to onestudy, they do. The research explains that “on average, women commonly have an 8 to 15% lower longitudinal center of gravity than men,” and the difference is attributed to helping women’s stability during pregnancy.

Source:In The Know

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