Parents Have Spent 59 Hours Cleaning Their Kids Messes In The Past Year

It’s been almost a year since coronavirus lockdowns began, which means parents have been stuck in their home with their often messy children for that long, leaving them to clean up the messes. 

According to a study conducted by OnePoll, on behalf of the National Watermelon Promotion Board

  • The average child has been responsible for about six messes a week, or 222 since last March.
  • The average parent winds up spending 16 minutes cleaning up after their kids’ messes, which translates to 3,552 minutes since lockdowns began, or 59 hours.
  • And all this cleaning is getting to parents.
  • 65% say they would be less stressed if they didn’t have to deal with their kids' mess and clutter. 

What’s worse for many parents is what is actually causing the messes.

  • 69% say sometimes their kids is so messy they can’t identify what substance of the mess.
  • Of those unidentifiable messes, parents say “sticky” is the worst sensation to deal with (35%), followed by:
    • Crusty 33%
    • Soaking 30%
    • Gooey 29%
    • Rough 28%
    • Damp 28%
  • And apparently some parents are getting creative to try and stop their kids from making such a mess.
  • The survey found some even warned their kids they’d “report (them) to Ariana Grande,” while others “promised to treat them to a juicy steak.” 

Source:SWNS Digital

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