Americans Okay With Breastfeeding Ads, Have Issues With Menstruation & Poop

An ad featuring a breastfeeding woman aired during the Golden Globes his weekend. But are most Americans okay with it? Well, the feedback is mixed.

A new Harris Poll finds:

  • 70% of Americans have no problem with advertisers showing partially covered women’s breasts in ads.
  • But there is a line, with 56% of folks opposed to ads showing completely uncovered breasts.
  • Not surprising, women and men have different thoughts on this, with 67% of women against full exposure, and 56% of men for it.
  • But even though folks are okay with partially covered breast in ads, only 49% of people are really comfortable with breastfeeding ads with partially covered breasts, and only 37% are truly comfortable with fully uncovered breasts. 

But while more and more folks seem to be on board with breastfeeding ads, there are other bodily functions folks seem to be a bit more squeamish about, including menstruation and pooping.

  • 71% of folks are against ads for sanitary products showing menstrual blood.
  • 55% of folks say such ads would make them uncomfortable.
  • Only 46% of folks are okay with advertisers using the color red to simulate blood in ads, with 43% saying it would make them uncomfortable.
  • When it comes it comes to toilet paper, 71% of Americans say advertisers need to be direct about what their product does.
  • But while 61% are okay with the word “poop” being used in ads for TP, laxatives and diapers, only 41% say they are truly comfortable with the use of the word in such ads.
  • And while a partial breast may be okay for breastfeeding, few want to see a butt in an ad.
  • 39% of Americans say they’d be uncomfortable with a buttocks or some sort of representation of one being sued in a toilet paper ad. 

Source:The Harris Poll

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