The Words & Phrases People Wish Would Just Go Away

All of us have certain words or phrases that we are sick of hearing. For example, I can’t wait until the day “social distancing” is no longer part of the vernacular. Well, now a new thread on Buzzfeed reveals the common words and phrases folks wish would go away for good, and we bet a lot of people will likely agree.

Words and phrases folks would like to see go away include:

  • "Idid a thing...The 'so I did a thing...' / 'so we did a thing...' phrase to make an announcement. I don't know why this phrase makes me cringe into myself."
  • "’I was today years old’…Usually followed by some ridiculous factoid. It's such an annoying turn of phrase and it's so overused. It's not cute, it's not funny and it doesn't make you interesting.”
  • "’Girl dad’You're just a dad, why do you need to specify which gender you're the parent of?"
  • "'Unprecedented'is a word I heard nearly every day for more than four years. never again."
  • "’Do you see what I'm saying?’NO. There is absolutely no way for me to see what you’re saying!"
  • "’It is what it is’Well no sh*t. It’s a useless and completely hollow phrase. I work in social work and I hear it all the time, it’s so annoying."
  • "’Hack’I am so very very tired of things being described as 'hacks.' Most of the time the thing that’s being talked about isn’t anything new or mind-blowing and on the off-chance that it is, it still isn’t a 'hack.' Just call it a new method or a literally anything else please."
  • "’Adulting’Irritates the heck out of me."
  • "’Literally’Lord help me, where do I start? I don't know when the world general knowledge curriculum added the part where 'literally' is just a filler adverb added for emphasis. I'm going to blame Rachel Zoe — 'I literally just died.'"


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