Ikea Has Turned Its Catalog Into A Podcast

The days of checking the mailbox hoping the new Ikea catalog has arrived are now a thing of the past. Their 2021 release was the final edition of the print catalog, ending a 70-year tradition. But you can now listen to it in audio form. The Swedish furniture chain has turned their last 286 page catalog into a nearly four-hour podcast, with a narrator turning each page and describing what’s in it.

Ikea’s first-ever audio version of the catalog aims to provide “a tour for the ears,” as the prologue explains, by now, “you’ve probably binged through every possible podcast, audiobook, and Best of 2020 playlist there is,” so you’re probably bored and need something new to listen to. The audio experience includes home tours with six families, seven how-to sections and helpful to-do lists, but you’re going to have to set aside a chunk of time to take in the whole three-hour and 41-minutes.

If you want to check out their “tour for the ears,” you can find it for free on YouTube, Spotify, Audiobook and the Ikea website. And if you’re into ASMR, you’ll love the nature sounds in Chapter one’s “Swim, Surf, Sleep Repeat” section that walks you through a couples “bright, sea breeze-y space.”

Source:Apartment Therapy

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