One Lady Wants To Give Away One Million Books

In Danville, Virginia, Jennifer Williams has earned the nickname “book lady,” thanks to her mission of giving away one-million books to people in her community.

Jennifer’s mission is inspired by her family. Her mother was a librarian and she would read to Jennifer … until Jennifer went off to college.

Jennifer wants students to love reading the way she did as a child, so she’s making that possible, one book at a time.

She started back in 2017 -- and has already given away more than 63,000 books, mostly to students.

And the effort continues to this day. She collects donations and buys books with her own money. And, every year, she gives a book to each student at her local elementary school.

But that’s not all. She keeps 16 tiny, standalone libraries around town stocked with books -- and also leaves books on picnic tables and in laundromats.

And even though she usually doesn’t leave a note, by now, a lot of people know the “book lady” was there

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