Restaurant In Virginia Is Giving Out Food

When coronavirus hit, customers of the Perfectly Frank restaurant in Norfolk, Virginia, stepped up and helped keep the business afloat during the tough times.

Now that things are closer to getting back to normal, Perfectly Frank is in a position to give back -- and has created a program that offers free meals to the “broke and hungry.”

A sign in front of the restaurant reads, “If you’re broke and hungry, we got you!” And, it’s the truth.

Perfectly Frank offers free meals to customers in need, no questions asked -- and is able to do so by inviting customers to purchase meals in advance so those who are hungry can get something to eat.

The customers pay for meals and leave receipts on a board. Anyone who is hungry and wants something to eat can take one of the receipts and redeem it at the register for some food.

The owner, Tarah Morris, has been encouraged by the generosity of her customers, pointing out that “people want to help” and are driven by the idea of helping somebody.

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