This Viral Hack To Keep Lettuce Fresh For An Entire Month Is Mind Blowing

It's the worst feeling when you are craving a nice, cold, crisp salad only to find out that the lettuce is bad, like slimy yucky bad. Well, according to this viral TikTok video, there's a way to keep your lettuce fresh for at least a month.

TikToker and foodie, Lama Bazzi, posted a video of her putting a few lettuce pieces in a jar, then filling the jar full of water. Bazzi then put the lid on and put the jar in the refrigerator. 

The first video shows Bazzi storing the lettuce in January then a month later taking the same jar out of the refrigerator proving the lettuce was still crisp.

Bazzi stated that changing the water in the jar every 1-3 days is best. She stated that she learned the hack from her husband who used to work in a restaurant.

SOURCE: Buzzfeed

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