Tide Wants Us To Save The Planet By Doing Laundry In Cold Water

Want to help save the planet? Tide says we can start by switching up the way we do laundry. According to the detergent company, if we quit using warm water for laundry and use cold instead, it’ll not only help the planet, it will save us money, too.

Their goal is for consumers in North America to wash three out of every four loads with cold water instead of hot by 2030. Right now, people are only washing about half their laundry in cold and Tide says if we make this change, it’ll eliminate the power used to heat cold water. And they claim it’ll have the same impact on greenhouse gas emissions as removing about a million cars from the road for a year. But instead of “preaching to people,” they’re doing a “fun” marketing campaign featuring Ice-T and wrestling legend “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

And if you’re thinking you NEED hot water to really get the laundry clean, Tide says cold water is just as effective. "There is no tradeoff. You will save $150 a year in energy costs, your garments will last longer. And by the way, you're helping to save the planet," explainsShailesh Jejurikar, CEO of Procter & Gamble's fabric and home care division. "It's a beautiful win-win-win if we get this right."

  • In addition to their focus on cold-water washing, Tide is also working to cut greenhouse gas emissions at their factories in half by 2030. They’re also planning to reduce their carbon footprint by using 100% recyclable packaging on all products by 2030. And while their goal is to get to zero emissions in their factories, they say the way consumers use Tide products has 10 times more impact than what happens in their factories.


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