Fed Up Mom Goes On Cleaning Strike

What happens when the person who usually does all the chores at home decides to stop? One fed up mom just tried it because she was tired of taking care of everything, so she went on a cleaning strike. The woman, who goes byMiss Potkinon Twitter, did a little experiment with her family to see if they would start helping out when she suddenly quit doing it all.

It started with the dishes, which began to pile up on the counter by day two because she wasn’t washing them or loading the dishwasher. She tweeted “Who will blink first? Not me,” adding that they would run out of spoons, cups and plates soon, but by the third day, no one had done anything about it and she caught her husband making a cup of tea using “the baby’s spoon and the emergency cup.” There were also mounds of laundry piling up, but the most pressing issue was that someone used the last roll of toilet paper in the bathroom and no one was replacing it.

‘It’s getting a bit post-apocalyptic,’ Miss Potkin tweeted of the messes. But things took a turn for the better when someone took the trash out and then her husband started scraping several day-old cereal out of bowls and loading the dishwasher, which he didn’t turn on until she brought it up. And after that he actually warned her not to step in a mess in the kitchen before cleaning it up himself. So it seems her cleaning strike was a success!


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