Survey says These Are Americans’ Least Favorite Household Chore

Now that spring has arrived, it’s time for cleaning and as much as we enjoy having a clean home, there are usually a million things we’d rather be doing than housework. Sure, there are some people who actually enjoy doing chores, but most of us just see them as a necessary evil so we don’t live in filth. We all have our least favorites and those we don’t mind so much when it comes to tasks around the house and a new survey reveals which chore Americans hate the most.

A poll from YouGov asked 1,775 U.S. adults about their least favorite chores and there was actually a three-way tie for the top choice. The trio of cleaning the bathroom, doing the dishes and doing the laundry tied for most hated and these are the other tasks from the survey, listed from least votes to most.

  • Sanitizing and wiping kitchen surfaces - 1% of adults say this is their least favorite chore.
  • Taking the trash out - 3%
  • Organizing clutter - 5%
  • Vacuuming - 5%
  • Sweeping or mopping - 10%
  • Ironing - 10%
  • Dusting - 11%
  • Cleaning the bathroom - 14%
  • Doing the dishes - 14%
  • Doing laundry - 14%

Source:Best Life

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