Tween Makes Bow Ties For Shelter Animals To Help Them Get Adopted

A 14-year-old boy from New Jersey is a creative animal lover who’s using his talents to design and make bow ties to help shelter animals get adopted. Darius Brown learned his skills from helping his older sister make bows and then he put them to use creating fancy bows for cats and dogs to help them look good and find a home.

When Darius was 11, he established “Beaux and Paws,” a pet couture company and now the young CEO donates his bow ties to animal shelters and adoption centers around the country, to help give pets that extra something to make them stand out and catch the eye of potential adopters, so they can find forever homes. Darius has been recognized for his work and even got a letter from former President Barack Obama commending him for his community service. This impressive tween says he wants to be an entrepreneur and he’s well on his way.

Darius now wants to send bowties to shelters in ALL 50 states.

SOURCE: Good News Network

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