This Is The Healthiest Wine You Can Drink

Like to unwind with a glass of wine at the end of the day? You’re so not alone and light drinking comes with some perks, too. “There are actually quite a few health benefits to moderate alcohol consumption related to cognitive functioning and cardiovascular health, according toDr. Whitney Linsenmeyer, Assistant Professor of Nutrition at Saint Louis University. She explains that alcohol has the potential to raise HDL - or “good” - cholesterol, prevent damage caused by LDL - or “bad” - cholesterol, and reduce the formation of blood clots.

But if you’re a wine drinker, it’s important to know some wines are healthier than others. So which bottles are the best when it comes to our health? Dietitians tell “Eat This, Not That” a dry, red wine is the healthiest wine you can drink. Specifically, Dr. Linsenmeyer explains, “You can feel extra good about that glass of pinot noir or cabernet sauvignon.”

When you’re looking at calories, wines range between 120 and 150 a glass, so there’s not much difference overall, but “dryer” types of wine have less sugar. And while one glass of wine can offer those health benefits, overdoing it can undo the good. “The story flips when people consume more than one to two drinks per day,” Dr Linsenmeyer warns. “We then see an increased risk for cardiovascular disease, certain cancers and liver disease.”

Source:Eat This, Not That

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