Man Embarrasses Wife By Fake Proposing All Over Disney

When a guy kept asking his partner to marry him over and over again during their trip to Disney World, she wasn’t happy about it. That’s because Kelly Lavery admittedly “hates a scene,” and the man in her life – her husband – knows it. But that didn’t stop him from “fake proposing” all over the theme parks. So pranking her in public was just for fun.

A friend was with the couple to film him popping the question in different scenic spots around Disney and Kelly posted a video of the antics onTikTok. In it, we hear him call “Kelly,” followed by him quickly getting down on one knee at dinner, in front of Cinderella’s Castle and when she thinks she’s posing for a picture, before she begs him to stop. One time, he even says “I’ve been waiting my whole life for this moment…” Most of the time, Kelly gets away, but once in line at Animal Kingdom, she actually pushes the person in front of her in her attempt to escape.

In the final clip, he hits his fork against his glass in a restaurant and as fellow diners look to their table, Kelly has finally had enough. “This isn’t funny anymore,” she’s heard saying while the person filming laughs. Since she had already said yes to his real proposal, she says he knew he could get away with this ongoing prank. And they’ve since gotten married, so his stunt didn’t do lasting damage. Kelly is already thinking about what he’ll pull when they go back to Disney in June, adding, “Wish me luck!”


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