WANTED: Three People Will Earn $2,400 To Watch 24 Hours Of True Crime

The job of a lifetime for three lucky people that love true crime stories has arrived.MagellanTVis offering to pay three people $24-hundred EACH to watch 24 hours of true-crime documentaries and then post about the experience on their social media.

It’s the second year MagellanTV has done this; last year,they paid just one person $1,000to binge 24 hours of crime documentaries. Think you have what it takes to binge television for 24 hours straight and get paid a cool $2,400 for your time?

The application is on their website, and it’s open to anyone 18 and over. The deadline to apply is May 5th; submit yours before and maybe it'll be youmaking a killingwhile watching others commit them.

Source:United Press International

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