HGTV Expert: Vodka Belongs In The Laundry Room

Been standing near a smoker and can’t wait to get that stale cigarette smell out of your clothes? Well, before you reach for the Febreeze, one laundry expert recommends something unexpected to leave you smelling fresh: vodka. Yes, the alcohol is the fix, according toPatric Richardson, the self-proclaimed “laundry evangelist” and host of HGTV’s new show “The Laundry Guy.”

He swears by vodka to banish unwanted scents because — thanks to its antibacterial properties — vodka can remove odor from pretty much anything and he keeps a spray bottle of it in his shop for that reason. “There’s this wonderful customer that comes to my store, and she always wants to give me a hug, and when she leaves I smell like perfume,” Richardson explains. “I go in the stock room and have one of my salespeople spray me with vodka to take that away.”

In a trailer for his new show, Richardson tells a client, “You need to have vodka in your barandin your laundry room.” But if you’re cringing at the thought of walking around smelling like you just rolled out of a bar, don’t worry. He says the alcohol is odorless when it dries, so you’ll be smelling fresh, NOT boozy.

Source:Apartment Therapy

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