Wife Makes Hilarious Video Of Quotes Hubby Said During Childbirth

A woman has taken the funny things her husband said to her during childbirth and turned them into a video parody of motivational messages. Jessica Perez was in labor when her husband, Kent, busted out with gems like, “My back is killing me.” But she saw the humor in his comments and used them to make a video set to the tune ofVanessa Carlton’s“A Thousand Miles.”

The Alabama mom of four posted it to herInstagram pagewhere it’s entertained many others as well and it’s gone viral with more than 2-million views. Kent’s priceless quotes include:

  • “At least you get the comfy bed. I have to sleep on this tiny couch.”
  • “Are you almost done? The cafeteria closes soon and they have taco bowls tonight.”
  • “I forgot to get you Chick-fil-A but the cafeteria people brought you food right?”
  • “There’s no way I’m looking down there. You can’t come back from that.”

Perez says she’s gotten comments from so many women on social media who can totally relate and while most people have been laughing with her, there have been some negative comments from folks who assume her marriage is doomed. But she assures they’re doing just fine and these were jokes out of context. "I definitely give it back to him," Perez says. "He could probably make a lot of videos about me. This is my marriage in a nutshell."


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