Survey: Almost Half Of Women Think Baldness Is Sexy

How do you feel about baldness? If you’re on team “bald is beautiful,” you’re in good company. According to a newsurveyof 1,000 people in the U.S. and the U.K., nearly half (42%) of women who took part say baldness is “sexy.” And it’s not just women - 41% of men surveyed agree. And since baldness is expected to affect two-thirds of all men, this is good news for their future dating game.

The survey also asked if participants would be willing to date someone with hair loss and 90% of female millennials and Gen Xers said yes, compared to 78% of millennial men and 77% of Gen X men who would. But those numbers go down a lot when that hair loss is “severe” - just 27% of women said yes and for men it seems to be more of a dealbreaker, as only 11% of them said they would.

So how important is appearance overall to people when dating? According to this survey, men (53%) are more likely than women (43%) to rate looks “extremely” or “very” important when dating. And if that seems high, consider that four traits were rated more important: personality (81%), sexual chemistry (66%), health (64%) and location (55%).


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