Experts Say This Is Why You Feel Like You Have Nothing To Wear

Is your closet stuffed with clothing, but you still feel like you don’t have anything to wear? It’s a situation many of us find ourselves in, over and over again. Fashion stylist and designerLindsayAlbaneseunderstands this very common fashion emergency and reveals why it might be happening to you and how to fix it.

  • You’ve been trend-chasing too much- “One of the reasons you have nothing to wear is you have too many trend-driven or statement pieces,” Albanese explains. You know the clothing items she’s talking about, the special things that have their moment every once in a while, but don’t really fit into our day-to-day wardrobes. If you tend to get caught up in trends, she suggests considering how something works with your existing clothing and how often you’d actually wear it before buying it.
  • You need more basics- According to this stylist, our wardrobes should be 80% basics and only 20% trendy or statement pieces. We need all those staples that we can wear with anything to make the rest of it work. So scan your closet, figure out which basics you know you’d wear regularly are missing and start your shopping with those, then pepper in trendy accessories or statement pieces.
  • You have the wrong shoes- If you feel like you don’t have any shoes to wear, it could be because you don’t have the right ones. Albanese says we need shoes that can go with “probably 90% of what you have in your closet.” So what footwear does she recommend to complement almost every outfit? “Classic sandals, a heel that’s comfortable and not too high and a sneaker that’s not your dingy workout sneaker,” she says.

Albanese also reminds us that fashion is supposed to make us happy, so she encourages us to “Go have fun and make some silly purchases.”

Source:In The Know

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