Majority Of People Think They Will Miss Parts Of Pandemic Life

While most of us are anxious for the pandemic to be over and life to go back to “normal,” some folks are admitting that not everything about the past year was that bad. In fact, some may even miss some things about pandemic life.

A new survey finds:

  • 56% of Americans think COVID is never going away.
  • 91% of Americans say they will miss some aspect of pandemic life.
  • Not surprising, the thing people will miss the most is the extra family time they got to experience (49%)
  • Other things about pandemic life they will miss include:
    • Wearing only casual clothes (41%)
    • Multi-tasking and getting household chores done during work hours (40%)
    • Not having to commute once they return to work (36%)
    • Working out during working hours (36%)
    • Using the pandemic as an excuse to not see people (33%)
  • And when it comes to working out, 34% of respondents say they’ve relied on some sort of virtual workout during the past year.
  • And many are happy with them, with 61% saying they plan to continue their virtual workouts once the pandemic is over. 

Source:Street Insider

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