Study: Good Sleep Linked To Better Sex Life For Women

New research is giving us another reason to stop scrolling and get to sleep - it’s better for our sex lives. We know how important quality sleep is to our health and well-being, but anew studyfinds that consistently getting a bad night’s sleep may lead to an unsatisfactory sex life for older women.

For the study, 34-hundred women with an average age of 53 were asked to rate their level of distress about their sex life and they completed questionnaires about sleep quality. Poor sleep quality was measured by thePittsburgh Sleep Quality Index, which looks at the ability to fall and stay asleep, use of sleep medication, and more. And it turns out, the women who regularly slept poorly were nearly twice as likely to report issues including lack of sexual interest or pleasure than the ladies who got plenty of shut-eye.

But on the flip side, the study also finds that good sleep quality is linked to having more sex. Senior study authorDr. Stephanie Faubion, who directs the Mayo Clinic’s Center for Women’s Health jokes that the result “doesn’t surprise anyone, right?” She explains, “If you put a platter of sleep and a platter of sex in front of a tired woman, she’s going to pick sleep every time.” So sleep and sex are intertwined and if you’re not happy with your sex life, you may want to try getting more quality sleep.


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