Taco Bell Testing Out New Vegan Alternative To Meat

Taco Bell is aiming to be more vegan friendly. The Mexican fast food chain just announced they are testing out a vegan alternative to meat.

Unlike other fast food chains that have simply added Beyond or Impossible meat to their menu items, Taco Bell is actually testing their own proprietary protein, which is a pea and chickpea blend. 

The meat substitute will be featured in the new Cravetarian Taco, which is currently being tested at a Southern California Taco Bell through April 29th. The taco consists of the meat alternative, along with shredded cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream, in a corn shell. In addition, during the testing period the meatless option can be substituted into any menu item at no extra charge. 

And vegans can expect more options from Taco Bell in the future. Back in January they announced they were working with Beyond Meat on a separate alternative protein.

Source:Fox News

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