Americans Are Getting Spooked By Their Homes

No matter how safe and secure we all feel in our homes, there are times when the slightest unexplained noise creeps us out, and apparently for a lot of people, that sends them into a bit of a spiral.

A new survey finds:

  • 53% of Americans admit to getting up to investigate unexplained noises in their house, even though they know it’s probably nothing.
  • The average person hears such unexplained noises about three times a week.
  • And two out of the three times they get spooked by those noises.
  • So, how do most people react when they hear these unexplained sounds?
    • 44% simply wait to see if they hear it again.
    • 41% get out of bed and investigate
    • 26% wait to see if their dog barks.
    • 23% make their partner investigate.
    • 22% check the home security system.
    • 16% just roll over and ignore it.
    • 10% grab something nearby for protection.
  • Of course, not everyone is suspicious of such noises.
    • 44% of people say their first though is “it must b the wind.”
    • 34% will tell themselves “it’s probably noting."
    • Only 19% have the first thought that it may be a burglar.

Source:SWNS Digital

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