Survey: Almost Half Of People Would Rather Browse Zillow Than Have Sex

Are you obsessed with Zillow? If so, you’re in good company. Lots of people can’t get enough of the real estate website and anew pollreveals just how much they love it. It makes sense for those looking to buy, sell or rent a house to spend time checking the site, but tons of people with no plans to move use Zillow as an escape or lust after dream homes. And nearly half (49%) of those surveyed say they’d choose Zillow over sex!

In the poll, a thousand adults were asked about their browsing habits on the site, including what they’d give up to stay on Zillow. Here’s a little insight into the national obsession with the site:

  • 55% of people admit they’ve spent between one and four hours a day on Zillow
  • 58% say they’ve actually missed an important deadline because of browsing on the site.
  • 63% of people have used Zillow to look up the value of a friend’s house and 53% have used it to look up the value of a boss’ house.
  • 56% of those polled have canceled plans with friends to keep scrolling the site.
  • 41% say their Zillow browsing has caused a problem in their work or personal life.
  • 64% have contacted a real estate agent about a house they can’t afford.
  • But a lot of people are just using Zillow as an escape, with 57% saying they just browse it to daydream or relax.

Source:Best Life

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