TikTok Teen Shares Life After Mistakenly Moving Into Senior Living Apts

A teenager looking to start a new life decided to move to another state and wound up in a unique living situation.Madison Kohout relocated from Oklahoma to Arkansas and found a new apartment online that she signed a lease for without seeing in person first. The 19-year-old moved in and then realized she’s living in a complex for senior citizens.

She shares the story in a TikTokvideothat has more than 3-million views and she’s now documenting life with the old folks in her new home. Madison’s first impressions of the apartment were positive, she especially likes that her two-bedroom place is only $350 a month! It wasn’t until she started meeting her neighbors, who are all over age 65, that she noticed she was the only young person around. Then she spotted the “Senior Citizen Apartments” sign and realized she moved into a retirement village.

The complex doesn’t discriminate based on age, but it was designed for seniors, she explains. Madison’s other videos detail the upsides of living there, like that she can play music as loud as she likes because her neighbors can’t hear and most of them are asleep by the time she gets home. She also likes hanging out with her neighbors and getting all the local gossip from them. But the best part may be the food, she says, “I’ve never had so many home-cooked meals in my life.”


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