How Often Do You Need To Replace Your Underwear

Admit it, we all have those underwear in our drawer that are a bit worse for wear, but we don’t throw out and continue to wear. Well, according to experts you really should.

In an interview with The Independent, Dr. Shirin Lakhani of Elite Aesthetics insists underwear should be replaced at least once a year, if not more. Lakhani says that because underwear is near your intimate areas for prolonged periods of time it takes in “dead skin” and “bacteria,” both healthy and unhealthy, and the unhealthy can lead to infections. Plus, the doctor says research shows hat washing your underwear may not be enough to get rid of such bacteria.

Narendra Pisal, consultant gynecologist at London Gynecology, agrees, although notes that it really does depend on how many underwear you own. Pisal suggests a maximum of 50 washes for some cotton underwear, although adds obviously, if your underwear is causing chaffing, skin irritation or is torn, you may need to do it sooner."


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