People Reveal The Most “Toxic” Thing A Parent Can Say To A Child

While most parents mean well, sometimes they may not realize what they say to their kids is going to have a long lasting negative effect on them. What may seem innocent to one person, could feel toxic to the next and now folks are warning parents to watch what they say. 

A new Reddit thread asked people to share “the most toxic thing a parent can say to a child," and folks were more than happy to share their thoughts, and some are doozies. 

Toxic things a parent say to a child include:

  • "'So you're saying that I'm a bad parent' in response to any form of help-seeking or constructive criticism was the worst for me."
  • "Constantly comparing you with your older siblings and giving you extremely different treatment. It makes you feel inferior to them and like no matter how much you try or do, it will never be enough."
  • "My mother told me when I was 8 that nobody likes a fat girl. I wasn't even really overweight. That and many other things she said and did made me develop an eating the age of 8."
  • "I gave up everything I loved for you."
  • "Talking shit about the other parent, then comparing you to them. 'You’re just like your father!'"
  • "I never wanted to have kids with your dad. He forced me to have you."
  • "We had you so your brother would have someone to play with."
  • "I am not asking you to do this, it's an order!"
  • "You don't have the right to privacy."
  • "'You’re being dramatic' or 'Some people have it a lot worse, so stop crying.'"
  • As your mother, I have to love you, but sometimes I really don’t like you.”


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