Almost Half Of Americans Believe They Are The Best Person They Know

While it’s certainly easy to get annoyed by other people, a new survey reveals that most folks really do believe people are good, but apparently not as good as they are.

According to the poll:

  • 81% of Americans believe humankind is inherently good.
  • What’s more, 75% believe they themselves are a good person.
  • In fact, 46% of people insist they are the best person they know.
  • When it comes to judging themselves, differences do vary by gender.
  • In fact, females are less likely than males to think they are good (67% vs. 86%).
  • In addition, females are also more likely to think humanity is bad (20% vs. 4%).
  • And just know, no matter what you think about yourself, someone else probably has a distinct opinion.
  • That’s because 72% of people admit they judge other people’s behavior.
  • And it turns out most folks realize that, because 61% of people worry they are being judged.
  • As for what constitutes a “good” person:
    • 49% say they are kind
    • 45% say they are giving
    • 41% say they are friendly.

Source:SWNS Digital

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