Get Paid $1500 To Take 30 Naps!

There have been quite a few “jobs of a lifetime” announced by companies recently, but this one may move to the top of the list. Mattress and bedding comparison website is looking for five people willing to take a nap a day for 30 days straight, and they’re paying each one $1,500.

You can’t sleep on the job when sleepingisthe job. There’s a little more to it, of course; the nap reviewers will have to jump on a video call before and after each nap to document their experience. The company says it’s doing research into the “pros and cons of napping,” testing theories about the best nap duration and the effects of napping on memory, motivation, and productivity.

Interested? Of course, you are. They’reaccepting applications on their websitethrough May 31; don’t let it slip past you if you want to take a chance at a really easy $1,500.

Source:United Press International

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