*LIST* The Best States For Nurses

Nurse appreciation week kicks off tomorrow, and after the last year a lot of nurses certainly deserve a lot of our appreciation. But it turns out, it’s definitely more beneficial to be a nurse in some states more than others, and a new report reveals which ones are best. 

  • WalletHub has just come out with their list of the Best States for Nurses.
  • They looked at all 50 states across 22 factors.
  • Those factors include monthly average starting salary, annual salary, healthcare facilities per capita, quality of nursing schools, ratio of nurses to hospital beds and more.
  • Topping the list as the best state for nurses is Arizona, which scores a 59.94 out of 100.
  • Arizona lands at three for Opportunity and Competition and 10 for Work Environment.
  • Alaska, which ranks ninth overall, is tops for Work Environment, while Nevada, third overall, is number one for Opportunity and Competition. 

Top Ten States For Nurses

(click hereto see where your state falls on the list)

  1. Arizona
  2. Washington
  3. Nevada
  4. Wyoming
  5. New Mexico
  6. Montana
  7. Oregon
  8. Missouri
  9. Alaska
  10. Maine
  • As for the bottom of the barrel, Maryland is the worst state for nurses, scoring a 39.59 and coming in dead last for Opportunity and Competition.


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