Parents Worried Their Children Have Regressed Two Grades Over Past Year

Children are finally returning to in-person schooling after a year of virtual school, and it sounds like many parents don’t think they are prepared at all. 

A new survey finds:

  • The average parent thinks their child has fallen back two whole grade levels since the beginning of lockdowns.
  • In fact, half of parents think their kids need to retake their last grade in the fall.
  • The subjects parents think kids suffered the biggest setbacks include:
    • History (41%)
    • Science (40%)
    • Mathematics (38%)
    • Spelling (36%)
    • Grammar (35%)
    • Reading (32%)
    • Technology (21%)
    • Arts (8%)
  • And it’s not just their children’s regression that parents are worried about.
  • Two in three parents are concerned the last year has made their kids hate learning.
  • 63% say they’ve noticed a lack of engagement in schoolwork.
  • But parents aren’t about to let their kids slide, and plan to use the summer to get them ready to return to school.
  • 67% plan to sign their kids up for enrichment programs.
  • Half say they’ll use the summer to get their kids prepared for school in the fall.
  • The average parent plans to dedicate two hours a day to go over key things their kids will need for school. 

Source:SWNS Digital

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