Teenager Gives Away College Savings After Earning Scholarship

Joshua Nelson, who’s a senior at St. Charles West High School in Missouri, got some good news recently when he learned that he had earned a full scholarship to Southeast Missouri State University.

It was a big accomplishment for Joshua, which resulted in his tuition and living expenses being covered for four years.

It also resulted in a bit of a problem -- sort of -- as Joshua had been saving money for college ... that he no longer needed.

Joshua solved this “problem” by creating a scholarship fund that would help another student make their college dreams come true. He put the money he had saved up into the Joshua Nelson Leaders in Action Scholarship -- and invited others to add to the college fund.

Joshua is hoping to inspire local businesses and others in the community to match his starting donation so he can help other students with college tuition.

His school counselor, Yolanda Curry, fully supports his efforts and admires what Joshua is trying to do, explaining that “he just has a heart for people.”

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