CDC Says Fully Vaccinated People Can Stop Wearing Mask

The CDC is pulling back facemask guidelines for fully vaccinated Americans. CDC Director Dr.Rochelle Walenskysaid it represents a return to "some sense of normalcy." Walensky warned about the unpredictability of virus mutations, or variants, and said facemask recommendations may have to be revised.

Walensky praised the efficacy of the vaccines approved, and again urged everyone who has not been vaccinated to make a plan to get vaxxed. Meantime, masks remain recommended in crowded indoor settings and hospitals, airplanes, buses and trains. Those with compromised immune systems are also encouraged to seek guidance from their doctors about facemasks and social distancing.

President Bidencheered the news at a White House event, “Today is a great day for America.”

  • On a related note, Dr.Anthony Faucisays schools should be open "full blast" five days a week this fall. The White House chief medical advisor made the comment after the CDC announcement.When asked by CNN if he agreed with CDCDirector Rochelle Walensky that schools in the fall should be open in-person and 100-percent, Fauci said yes, "full blast, just the way it was before." He added that whether students should have to wear a mask in school is up to the CDC.


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