Mom's No Fold Laundry Hack Has People Passionately Divided

The unwritten rule about putting clothes away is they must be folded neatly. Parents know this is a fruitless task as kids rip through their drawers until it’s a twisted mess. So why fold the clothes at all? One TikTok mom doesn’t and she shared her hack on the site.

Courtney Bavisof New Brunswick, Canada uses bins instead of drawers and the clothes are just put in them. No fuss, no folding. Her toddlers can even help. The reality is, parents change their kids clothes multiple times a day, so why take the extra effort to make drawers look perfect?

The videohas been viewed over 3.5 million times, with parents divided. Some say it’s the lazy way out and not teaching their kids the “proper” way. One mother who loved the hack put it perfectly: “We can do that? Why did no one tell me!”

Bavis is thrilled that some parents love the idea. "It is almost like this video gave parents permission to let go of the laundry stress."

Source:Good Morning America

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