Parents, Steal This Idea! Mom Shares Favorite Bday Tradition: “Bag Of No”

A mom has come up with a helpful hack for when your little kids start begging for things in the checkout line at the store.Jenny Cimatoshares her parenting tip in aTikTok videoand says she thought of it after growing tired of constantly telling her daughter “no” when she would ask for candy and little toys while they were shopping. So instead of caving to her demands, the clever mom figured out a compromise and it’s turned into her kids’ favorite birthday tradition.

Cimato explains that after saying “no” countless times, once a year for her birthday she would go back and buy all those items the kid had asked for. Then she gives them to her in what the family now calls the “Bag of No.” She says this made it easier for her to actually say “no” without getting as much pushback because the kid knew they’d get the item eventually. “It kind of took that sting away from when you say ‘no’ in the grocery store when they’re little,” she shares.

Their “Bag of No” is usually loaded with candy and fruit snacks, as well as small toys, like bouncy balls. And now that Cimato’s daughter is turning 16, some of those items are changing, but she’s not giving up the tradition anytime soon because even with a teen, it’s still a big hit. It’s simple, but it works and lots of parents are thanking the mom in the video’s comments for sharing her brilliant idea.

Source:Cafe Mom

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