Google Wants To Change Compromised Passwords FOR You

If you use Chrome, then you’ve probably noticed that you have some password that were caught up in a breach. If you don’t change them, at some point Google will. Surprise! The tech giant knows how annoying changing those credentials are so they’re willing to help.

It won’t happen right away, but they announced this week that that ability to fix them is now here. Google’s been flagging those hacked passwords since 2019 and many of them are attached to little used websites.

Here’s where they are important. Hackers use the stolen user names and passwords, that you may think are unimportant, on banking sites until they hit pay dirt. Then your account is drained.

The feature can be used on supported sites for now, but we don’t know which ones those are, except for Twitter. The password fix is quick and easy but not automatic for now.


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