Many People Want To Keep Working From Home

Many people learned both the joy and pain of working from home thanks to COVID. Surprisingly, most want to keep doing it. That’s the biggest takeaway from a new Harris Poll survey. Some 43-percent of people wish to keep working remotely.

Another 35-percent want a healthy mix of office and home work days. And 25-percent can’t wait to get back to their cubicle and co-workers.

What is it about working from home that so many like? The flexibility. Also, we’re more in tune to health issues and going back into a pre-pandemic routine. Some don’t miss the small talk with co-workers.

Here’s the rub: employers want their staffs back on site. Period. But, with people able to pick and choose their career of choice, it may bite companies.Cali Williams Yost, CEO of Flex + Strategy Group advises bosses to tread lightly, stressing “The DNA of work has changed. Employers need to acknowledge that.”

Source:USA Today

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