Shocked Mom Finds Her Baby’s Photo On “Ugly Babies” Instagram Page

A mom in England was devastated to find her nine-month-old son featured with other infants on an Instagram page featuring “ugly babies.”Courtney Taitsays an image of her baby,Hudson, and her boyfriend,Scott, from her private Facebook account was used on the Instagram account called @Ugly_Babies_page.

The 21-year-old says she was “heartbroken” that people called her son ugly, but she was more shocked that someone used the photo without her knowledge. The scary thing for Tait is that the image of her family would be spread on the Internet, putting her family’s safety at risk. She was surprised to find out a photo of a friend’s child was also posted on the Instagram page and it turns out, several babies featured were all from the town Tait lives in, Teesside. And all of the images had been taken fromprivateInstagram and Facebook accounts.

Luckily, the parents didn’t have to wait long for Insta to take action. Tait says more than 200 people reported the account to Instagram and it has since been removed from the site. A spokesperson for Facebook says the community guidelines for the company make it clear that any form of bullying or harassment will not be tolerated and that the “ugly babies” account violated these policies.

Source:Your Tango

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