More Workers Suffering From Burnout

There’s no doubt the past year and a half has been tough for a lot of workers, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that many are close to their breaking point. 

A new Robert Half survey finds:

  • 44% of professionals say they are more burned out by their job right now than they were last year.
  • In 2020, a similar poll found 34% of workers were burned out by their job.
  • 49% of current workers suffering burn out blame their fatigue on heavier workloads. 

Another reason workers may be suffering burnout is that they haven’t had much time off.

  • In fact, a separate poll finds that 25% of workers say they forfeited paid time off last year.
  • Many plan to make up for it this year, with one in three planning to take more than three weeks vacation this year.
  • 57% plan to travel on an “awaycation” and completely disconnect from work.
  • 32% would rather enjoy a “staycation”
  • 11% actually prefer a “workcation,” which combines work and vacation.
  • But whatever vacation they take, may won’t be completely forgetting about work.
  • 28% of workers say they will be checking in with work during their time off. 

Source:Robert Half

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