Study: Sitting Less Can Help Maintain Weight Loss

Losing weight isn’t easy, but keeping it off? That can be even harder. A newstudyfinds one thing that may help - sitting less. Researchers compared habits of more than 43-hundred people who lost weight on WW (formerly Weight Watchers) and maintained it and it turns out, they spent about three hours less sitting each day than those who were obese and stayed the same weight.

Study participants lost an average of about 55-pounds and were able to keep around 20-pounds off for three years. But it wasn’t just because they don’t sit as much, they also burned more calories a week with physical activity. “Finding ways to sit less and move more is part of the successful package of tools for weight management,” explains study authorSuzanne Phelan, a professor of kinesiology and public health at the Center for Health Research at California Polytechnic State University.

So if you’re trying to maintain weight loss, you can’t just stand more and hope for success. Phelan stresses that sitting less and moving more have to go hand in hand. Taking a 60-minute walk and then sitting for the rest of the day isn’t ideal, instead she suggests doing planned physical activities and interrupting long periods of sitting with movement. And that’s not only good for keeping the pounds off, it’s better for your overall health, too.

Source:U.S. News & World Report

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