This Is How You Take The Perfect Bath, According To Science

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a long bath to help you relax and unwind. Bathing is nothing new, it’s been around for a few millenia now, but baths have made a big comeback over the last few years thanks to the rise of self-care. Baths are not only a way to get clean, they’re seen as an indulgent way to treat yourself, but unlike a lot of other self-care ideas, baths are easy and can be done at home anytime. And one of the best parts? They don’t have to cost a thing.

While there’s no wrong way to take a bath, if you’re looking to optimize your soak,these science-backed strategies can help improve your experience in the tub.

  • Find the right bath temperature- There’s no single “ideal” temperature for bathwater, it’s all about personal preference, but for most people? Around 100-degrees is comfortable, according toMichaelMarbach, marketing director for Kohler Bathing. And if your goal is to get as clean as possible, dermatologistMelissa Piliangsays 112-degrees is the optimal temp for washing away environmental dirt and bacteria.
  • Find the right time of day for a soak- Evening is the most popular time for a bath, but folks who have stiff joints may want to loosen up in the tub in the morning. If you’re taking a bath to improve sleep quality,researchshows bathing one to two hours before bedtime is good because it helps us fall asleep faster and improves sleep quality.
  • Find the right amount of time to spend in the tub- Prune-y fingers aside, how long should your soak be? As long as it’s comfortable and enjoyable. Kohler’s research shows that close to 50% of bathers like staying in the tub for about 20 minutes and astudythat looked at bathing before bedtime finds 10 minutes is usually long enough to get those sleep-promoting benefits.

Source:Real Simple

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