Large Chunks Of Ice Falling From The Sky, Not Weather Related

Twice in the past week there were reports of houses being damaged by large chunks of ice that fell from the sky.

The first was in Palm City, Florida where a woman was startled by a chunk of ice that fell out of the sky and crashed through the edge of her roof. It landed outside the house so luckily there was no damage inside. So far there's been no explanation as for where the chunk of ice came from, but a local meteorologist says it definitely wasn't hail.

Then a few days later in Wisconsin, a massive 12-pound chunk of ice fell out of the sky and tore through the roof of a house and landed in a bedroom. The homeowner says he's lucky he wasn't hurt because it grazed him as it crashed through the ceiling. The frozen intruder came during a strong storm, but the National Weather Service says it wasn't strong enough to produce a 12-pound piece of hail.

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