Retired Military Service Dog Reunited With Solider He Served

While serving with the Army overseas in South Korea, Michael Steponovich worked closely with a German Shepard named Popeye, who was an expert at detecting explosives.

When Michael finished his career with the Army and moved to Las Vegas, he knew he’s miss his partner Popeye.

But, luckily, Popeye was also nearing retirement.

The charity group American Humane worked with Michael’s new employer -- MGM Resorts International -- to get Popeye back to America and back to Michael.

It all worked out. Michael was recently reunited with Popeye and filed official adoption papers.

It didn’t take long for Popeye to recognize Michael’s voice and the two continued their relationship as if they were never separated.

But now, they are both retired from the military and Michael was able to tell Popeye that he no longer needed to work. Instead, he’ll be able to relax and have fun at “Fort Couch” -- as well as explore the great outdoors, including the beautiful state parks and trails in the Las Vegas Valley.

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