People Are Feeling Overwhelmed By The Amount Of Devices In Their Home

It’s very rare to find a household without at least one connected device. In fact, a new survey reveals just how many devices the average person has in their home and it may be a bit shocking to you. 

A new Deloitte survey finds:

  • The average U.S. household has 25 connected devices.
  • Those devices span across 14 different categories, up from 11 in 2019.
  • Such devices include:
    • Laptops, tablets and smartphones
    • Video streaming devices and smart TVs
    • Wireless headphones and earbuds
    • Gaming consoles and smart home devices
    • Fitness trackers and connected exercise machines
  • 38% of people say they’ve connected more devices to the Internet since the pandemic began.
  • If this sounds like a lot, most people agree.
  • In fact, 31% of Americans say they feel overwhelmed by the amount of devices and subscriptions they must manage.

Of course, devices have been crucial in order to function over the past year of the pandemic.

  • Ways in which they were used include:
    • 55% have been working from home.
    • 52% had a virtual doctor’s visit.
    • 58% used smartwatches or fitness trackers, with 26% using them for personalized health and fitness.
    • 43% have been homeschooling.
    • There was a 50% increase in using devices for retail purchases. 


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