These Are The Things That Really Make People Happy!

There are few greater feelings in life than pure joy, and after the last year and a half, the things that are bringing people that joy has certainly changed.

A new Comfort Keepers survey of Americans 30 years old and older finds:

  • One of the top things that bring Americans joy these days is seeing family members (42%).
  • Other things that bring joy include:
    • Spending time with family (38%)
    • Traveling (37%)
    • Seeing close friends (32%)
    • Not wearing a mask (28%)
  • When asked to name the first thing they can think of that brings them joy, children, grandchildren and spouses were the top responses.
  • Seeing loved ones is so important to people, that 45% of folks plan to see their loved ones as soon as they are vaccinated.
  • That’s more than the amount of folks who want to attend a sporting event once vaccinated (20%) or frequent the beach or pool (27%).

And the last year dealing with the pandemic has certainly changed folks perspective on how to live a joyful life.

  • 40% say they’ve now learned to slow down and “stop and smell the roses” and “savor every moment.”
  • Another 42% hope to try and not “sweat the small stuff” anymore.
  • 80% of folks believe the world needs more joy. 

Source:Yahoo Finance

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