KOB-TV: Will New Mexico Reach Its Reopening Goal On Time?

From KOB-TV:

State leaders are hoping to hit their target of 60% of eligible people fully vaccinated by Thursday, which would trigger the state’s full reopening with minimal COVID guidelines on July 1.

According to the most recent data on vaccinations, more than 36,000 doses still need to be administered to reach that mark.

State data shows that 57.9% of eligible people in New Mexico have been fully vaccinated as of Monday. To reach 60% in less than four days, New Mexico needs to vaccinate at a rate it hasn’t achieved since early May.

Over the past three weeks, the number of people who are fully vaccinated has ticked up more slowly—about 1 to 2 percent each week. To reach the goal on time, New Mexico would need to gain more than 2 percent by Thursday night, a rate it hasn’t hit in a month.

At the pace seen over the last few weeks, the state would reach its 60% goal around June 25, which would delay fully reopening until July 9

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