Alaska Man Risk Life In Traffic To Save Moose

Joe Tate of Anchorage, Alaska, was on the way back from a fishing trip and was stuck in a traffic jam. After looking around, he discovered the problem -- cars were backing up because a baby moose was struggling to get across a guardrail.

Joe could tell that the moose was tired and very, very young -- about a week old or so.

Joe watched as drivers got impatient and drove around the animal. This made him nervous as he didn’t want the baby moose to be injured, so he took action.

Friends were able to position a trailer to block the mother moose from seeing her baby while Joe approached and helped it along.

Joe admits that there was a risk involved, but drew from his experience in the military when he decided to solve the problem.

The baby moose was reunited with its mother -- and out of harm’s way. As Joe said, “It worked out for the best.”

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