Wingstop Wants You To Start Eating Chicken Thighs To Combat Wing Shortage

It’s no secret that America loves chicken wings, but a recent chicken wing shortage is making it difficult, and more expensive, for folks to chow down on their favorite treat. Well, now Wingstop thinks they have a solution.

The fast food wing chain has decided to push another tasty part of the bird. They’ve launched the virtual “Thightstop,” hoping customers will be open to ordering crispy chicken thighs instead of wings, since wings are getting quite costly. According to the chain’s CEO, the cost of a pound of wings has skyrocketed from 98 cents just a year ago to $3.22.

Other than the part of the bird, Thighstop’s offerings will be similar to Wingstop, with customers still having the option of one of the chain’s 11 flavors. They can also choose between bone-in or boneless thighs.

The new thighs are being offered in all of Wingstop’s nationwide locations, and can also be orderedthrough the websiteor on DoorDash.

Source:New York Post

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