Experts Say These Are The 10 Apps to Delete From Your Phone NOW!

Lots of smartphone apps make navigating life easier or more entertaining. But they can also cause headaches.

What you don't want on your phone are apps that intrude too much on your privacy or that belong to companies with security issues. USA Todayhas identified 10 apps you should delete from your phone right now -- but we'll bet there's one you'll say "no way" to getting rid of.

Game and puzzle apps: Not all of them are bad, but a lot of them are really just designed to getmalware onto your phone.

CamScanner: In 2019, experts found malware in an ad on the app. It was removed, but you can scan and crop documents just as easily with the built-in Notes app on your iPhone.

AstroGuru: This horoscope app looks into your future ... and sees you giving away all kinds of user data, including your usernames, email addresses and payment history.

iFax: It's convenient to be able to fax right from your phone, but this one has a security vulnerability that could allow hackers access to your documents. Use FaxZero or eFax instead.

Logo Maker: Stuff like your password and email address is wide open to hackers.

Screen Recorder: Your recordings are stored on a cloud server that hackers could breach, and then watch everything you recorded. Use the built-in app on your phone instead.

Facebook: We told you that you'd balk at one of them. Facebook is seriously intrusive, though. And even if you don't mind the targeted ads, don't forget that Facebook isn't immune to getting hacked -- and then some bad guy has all that data about you.

QR code scanners: No need to download a potentially malicious app when all you need to do is use your phone's camera.

TikTok: This one doesn't really present a tech risk, but especially for kids, it's problematic due to peer pressure. Guess where all those dangerous "viral challenges" get started.

Flashlight apps: These are all data trackers as well, and your phone has a flashlight function built in.

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