Most People's Friend List Is A Lot Smaller

If you're like many Americans, you pared down your friends list a little bit during the pandemic.

After all, it has been a really stressful year-and-a-half, and who has the time and energy for all those fringe friends you're not really close with? Plus, a lot of people have wanted to be more open and vulnerable, and you're just not going to do that with a casual acquaintance.

But it's not just the pandemic. According toUSA Today, the trend has been going on for years. People have more responsibilities at work and are spending more time with their families. And we're moving around more, which means we don't develop long-lasting bonds as easily.

But if there's someone you've fallen out of touch with that you'd like to include your life, here's how to re-connect:

  • Prioritize who you miss. Figure out who you really would like back in your life.
  • Make the effort to reach out. And acknowledge that there's been an absence.
  • Act on your words. Make concrete plans to see someone in person, or at least schedule some time for a phone or Zoom call.

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